We develop a wide array of I.T. softwares and systems designed to be of great value to the Cargo and Logistics industry. Our developments include: an online integrated system for monitoring the realtime location of vehicles, a diverse tool for managing fleets, a tool that makes the tedious task of budgeting finances simpler. These along with the rest of our products are carefully made through real-world experiences from our clients.


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We are dedicated in catering to the Cargo, Transport & Logistics industries.


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We value ‘After Sales’ as much as we care about solving industry issues.

“Systems and Solutions Dedicated for The Cargo, Transport & Logistics Industries.”

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Inteluck Tracking Solution

Inteluck Tracking System is the flagship product of Inteluck Corporation Philippines. It is an online integrated system for monitoring locations and statuses of equipments, may it be mobile or stationary. The product's main attribute is its solution based facet which adapts to the needs of the Cargo and Logistic Industry. It utilizes GPS, CCTV camera and/or other auxiliary devices whenever they are deemed necessary.

Advanced Tracking
Advanced Tracking

Our product does more than just location monitoring. With our diverse product, details like speed, vehicle status, fuel consumption and other info are viewable even without GPS device dependency.

Fuel Economy
Fuel Economy

Save cost by monitoring your fleet's fuel economy. With the use of fuel sensor installed in the vehicle's gas tank along with consumption alerts and reports, the possibility of fuel pilferage can be reduced if not eliminated.

Video/Audio Surveillance
Video/Audio Surveillance

With the use of CCTV cameras, visual monitoring of vehicles are made possible. Audio surveillance is available with a microphone attached to the GPS device. Monitoring can be done in real-time or through playback.


Here are some of our Software as a Service (Saas) products.

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Inteluck Philippines ' core expertise are web and mobile software development. We provide diverse I.T. solutions and location-based systems dedicated for the Cargo, Logistics and Trucking Industry. System integration is also a key component in the list of our services.

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“We only met for few times and on the third, the system is already running. This made me admire your team. So far it’s only you who I found to deliver like this. You are certainly a one of kind company!”

– Wilmer Alfonso (President, 2GO NNATS)

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